your goals are my mission.

Better health and fitness is attainable. My clients are busy, probably just like you, and they often put their own fitness lifestyle on the back-burner. Motivation and consistency are keys to success and my customized programs give you just that.

Let's get started! 

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I work 1:1 with people just getting started on trying to live a healthier, happier lifestyle. This means full service customization to fit YOUR specific goals and requirements.

Whether you are looking to gain strength in the gym, improve your eating habits, or consistent coach and accountability, we have an option for you.


Hey! I'm Nikki.

personal coach.

workout fanatic.

Transformation specialist.

I'm excited to be with you on the road to better health! The more I have learned about fitness and nutrition, the more confident I have become, literally saving me. This is sense of empowerment is something that I am passionate about and want to share with you!

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Combine fitness and nutrition for optimal results tailored to your lifestyle and goals.

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Commit to just one month at a time, fitness, meal, 1:1 monthly progression and consultations meetings.

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